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Establishing and maintaining a proper level of child support can be a contentious issue between divorced or divorcing parents. At E.F. Whipps, our motto is “Children Matter Most,” and we will work with you to achieve a child support agreement that will benefit your child’s present and future and ensure their needs are being met. Focusing on your children when negotiating the child support order is the most important component of this issue, and will help lower the level of stress that can accompany this issue.

While state guidelines mandate certain levels of child support based on a wide range of factors, each case, like each family and their circumstances, is unique. The court will consider how many children are involved, who the custodial parent is, and the incomes of both parents. In addition, the court looks at contributions of the non-custodial parent such as amount they pay towards day care, health insurance, any alimony they pay, and any other child support they are obligated for. The state guidelines also take into account the same factors for the custodial parent.  Ohio’s guidelines apply to children or married or unmarried parents alike.

The most important element for you in all of this is that you have an attorney working for you and your child’s interests who is knowledgeable and experienced in applying these factors and presenting them to the Court. At E.F. Whipps & Associates, we are just such attorneys. We know and are experienced with all the factors that are pertinent to establishing the proper amount of child support through the child support order and will work on your behalf to ensure a good outcome for your children.

We understand, too, that things can change following a divorce and there may be a need to reevaluate your individual child support order. Changes in either parents’ circumstances can make modifications necessary. Also, changes in insurance costs, cost of child care, changes in parenting time, or the child’s special health needs could necessitate modifying the child support order. Child support modifications are fairly common, but should be approached with the basic principle of addressing the best interests of the child or children.

Generally speaking, child support ends when the child turns 18 years of age. However, that can be extended by agreement. If your child is disabled and unable to care for him or herself, the child support order may last well beyond the 18th year.

Child support questions and issues can be extremely complex. Having an attorney who is experienced and knowledgeable on questions of child support is important to both you and your children. You get that level of knowledge and experience when you trust E.F. Whipps & Associates as your family law attorney in child support matters. With more than 30 years of experience, we can help you and your family create the stable, loving environment your children deserve by helping ensure the proper level of child support. “Children Matter Most” is not just a motto for E.F. Whipps & Associates; it is our basic operating principle.

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