Protecting Substantial Investments in Real Estate that is being held for Development

In today’s economic circumstances liquidating investment property in an untimely manner can result in a substantial reduction of the net value received for that property. However, the parties may not wish to be forced to continue to participate with one another regarding ownership and other future decisions regarding the property, even though they would be best served to allow for future appreciation until that point in time when the potential for significant growth and development returns. These situations require a substantial level of experience and legal expertise, as the attorney must balance a complex series of issues. Mr. Whipps applies his more than 30 years of experience, his background in psychology, savvy, interpersonal skills and business sensibilities to develop a solution to these challenges. In some cases the use of a trust for this purpose might preserve the integrity of the property or investment, while protecting the future interests of the parties and their children as it relates to that project and/or property.