Business Litigation and Valuation Experience

What is the impact of retaining an attorney with more than 30 years of trial experience? It is usually in a client’s best financial and emotional interest to resolve the issues surrounding a dissolution or divorce, when possible, without going through a trial. Some attorneys use “going to court” as a stick to intimidate other attorneys to accept the terms they are suggesting. Opposing counsel must consider the experience of Mr. Whipps, and his successful track record of success in litigated cases.

Mr. Whipps will work whenever possible to resolve issues in a collaborative environment, or to use tools such as mediation and binding arbitration, to achieve the best results possible at the lowest financial and emotional cost. Sometimes, the tactics of opposing counsel or the specific facts of a case may require action in court. In these situations, Mr. Whipps’ extensive trial experience is invaluable.

Before focusing his practice upon family law, Mr. Whipps spent several years in corporate and business litigation representing major corporations in construction and other business litigation. His familiarity with the trial process, as well as dealing with judges and other attorneys in highly contested cases, enables him to proceed confidently when trial is required in a given case. Other attorneys understand that he has these skills and experience and this often discourages them from simply posturing about going to court, which increases the probability that the case will move toward a fair settlement. Thus saving both parties unnecessary time and expense.



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