Maintaining Privacy when Terminating a Marriage with Substantial Assets

When a couple has significant prominence in a community and substantial assets, it is often in their best interests (and those of their children) to maintain privacy in terms of the value of their assets and as to the details of how they are dividing them. Mr. Whipps has experience and a proven track record helping people to successfully and privately end their marriage. Mediation is an option for couples that wish to work together in a cooperative fashion, but still have genuine disagreement on a few substantial issues. Mr. Whipps often meets with the parties, mediating their issues and ultimately drafting the agreed terms as a part of their “separation agreement” (dissolution papers). Often, he will represent one of the spouses (with a different attorney representing the other) where the couple agrees in advance that their mutual goals are best achieved by working together and protecting the privacy and dignity of the termination of their marriage.

Marital property and assets in these situations may include significant real estate within and outside of the State of Ohio, or even outside of the country, valuable collectibles, antiques, gun collections, artwork, coins, motor vehicles, substantial investment accounts, deferred compensation accounts, IRAs, Pension Funds, 401K plans, Swiss or Cayman accounts, or interests in trusts.

Mr. Whipps’ more than 30 years of experience are helpful to those who wish to keep the details of their divorce private. It may be possible to file their dissolution in another jurisdiction (county), just so that no one would easily know where to go to find those documents. It is important to consider making sure that the separation agreement (a publicly filed document) doesn’t reveal the assets, but merely refers to other documents signed by the attorneys and preserved in a safe and secure location so that if there ever is an issue, it can be resolved and enforced without the public having access to the couple’s private information. This also protects the children from the risks of kidnapping, predatory suitors, etc.

There are strategies to prevent public scrutiny of a divorcing couple’s private business while preserving their public reputation(s), image, stature, and position within the community. Couples who are represented by an experienced attorney like Mr. Whipps will not be the subject of gossip and neighborhood discussion based on publicly accessible data.



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