Mediation or Binding Arbitration

We have all heard stories of a couple with a high net worth taking years to litigate the issues related to their divorce, resulting in an emotional and financial toll on the couple, as well as the child/children involved. Mediation provides an excellent alternative for couples with substantial disagreement in major areas related to child custody and visitation (known as “Parenting Time” in Ohio) or division of assets and liabilities. Mr. Whipps can help to create the proper environment for a substantive conversation to take place, and guide each of the participants as they consider alternatives and decide upon a strategy that might work for them.

Some couples may wish to consider binding arbitration on financial issues. In Ohio, binding arbitration is not an option for issues relating to child custody/visitation. These options can save huge sums of money, potentially years of continuing litigation, the emotional toll involved, and the impact on the children who wonder when their parents will resolve their problems and move on with their lives.

Contact Mr. Whipps, and schedule an appointment to discuss your unique situation and the options that may be available to you to help resolve issues, and bring your marriage to an end with as little emotional and financial impact as possible.



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