In my initial consultation with Mr. Whipps, I found him to be a great listener. Having a medical degree was to my advantage, in that I was able to identify the contributions that an understanding of psychopathology would add to my case. I needed the services of an attorney who had experience and a clear understanding of the connection between psychology and the specific situation in my case. I was impressed by Ed’s methodical approach and his attention to detail. He was also quite candid in not making any unrealistic promises.

Stress is magnified many fold especially when the case involves psychological undertones associated with a personality disorder. Lies, deception, manipulation and false accusations were involved. Many lawyers are unaware of the existence of personality disorders but Mr. Whipps was. Based upon his connections in psychological circles, I looked no further. I knew that I had found a law firm with clear experience regarding the contribution of psychological problems as they affect a divorce and I knew that their legal approach would be tailored to this.

Mr. Whipps’ understanding of psychology played a big role in the handling of my case. He was able to direct the attention of the judicial system to the existence of psychological dysfunction in the opposing party. The court needed to be convinced about the contribution of the opposing party’s psychopathology, especially the existence of a personality disorder which could compromise the safety of the minor children. It needed to be exposed.

During depositions, Mr. Whipps was able to identify that the opposing party loses contact with reality and that in addition to a personality disorder, there is psychosis. Thus, with his experience in psychology, he was able to expose the opposing party’s psychological dysfunction.

I was pleased with the expertise and organization existing in this law firm. My overall experience with the firm has been quite positive and I would highly recommend their services to anyone without hesitation.

- Dr. R. H.



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