Other Psychological Disorders

The realm of psychology is very broad and includes a vast array of disorders affecting persons of all ages. Psychological problems can arise at any time during life and most are capable of being analyzed and treated effectively. The importance of obtaining such analysis and treatment cannot be too heavily emphasized.  


Psychological Problems Are Often at the Heart of Marital Difficulties
And They Often Create Significant Challenges to the Process of Raising Children.


Edward F. Whipps served for over ten years on the Ohio Board of Psychology including a term as the President of that Board. In that capacity, he became familiar with and developed close friendships with many members of the psychological profession. Based on these experiences and years of personal study, he has a strong background to assist clients faced with psychological issues. Whether you need a referral to a competent psychologist or other mental health professional for yourself or your children or the understanding and empathetic counsel of an experienced attorney, Edward F. Whipps & Associates can help.

If you are facing a family law case and you, your spouse, or your child struggles with psychological problems, you need an attorney with a strong background in psychology as well as extensive experience as a successful family law attorney. With decades of experience helping families going through the process of divorce, dissolution, and child custody cases and the reputation among their peers as being  highly competent, turn to Edward F. Whipps & Associates.

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