Protecting Your Privacy

Most people know that they have a right to discuss their concerns with their attorney without the fear that other people will learn what they may choose to share. Some clients are not aware, however, that what they tell their attorney in the presence of others who can be witnesses can easily lose the privileged status that it would otherwise have. Attorneys also need to be sure that reasonable precautions are taken to be sure that conversations between them and their clients cannot be overheard by others. Offices and conference rooms must be constructed in such a way that conversations are not easily heard by others in adjoining offices or areas. Conversations in restaurants and other public places can also often be overheard.

You are the most important person in the process of protecting your privacy. In recent years, however, an increasing number of people utilize social media in ways that simply destroys their privacy. Posting pictures and text on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., puts this information in full view of anyone that has access to your social media site. It is very common that people are shocked to later be confronted in court or elsewhere with the very images and texts that they posted. Even information on dating web sites is often utilized. In short, be extremely cautious in posting any personal information unless you are comfortable with the knowledge that it will not remain private or confidential.

Parents need to be very conscious about their children’s activities and postings on social media and to have continual discussions with them about the dangers of such postings. Children sometimes do not fully appreciate the importance of privacy. “Sexting” has become a major problem both for parents and for their children.  Even criminal penalties can arise.

Parents and their attorneys in divorce or dissolution cases also need to consider the ways in which they can protect their family and their children from outsiders finding information that could be used to exploit them. Being very careful in drafting separation agreements and decrees so as to keep the specifics of the property that is being divided out of the public record can be very important. 


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