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Enforcing Child Support Orders

There are a number of ways to enforce previously ordered child support obligations, including seek work orders, intercepting tax refunds, suspending driver’s or occupational licenses, obtaining court judgments, assessing property liens, and reporting delinquent obligors to credit bureaus.  Often, the recipient of child support (obligee) will file a motion for contempt against the delinquent obligor. To find the obligor in contempt, the court will need to hold a hearing and take evidence into the record. This process sometimes spurs the obligor to file additional motions, such as a request for modifying child support or for the modification of parenting orders.

Competent counsel can help you understand the process of enforcing child support orders, contempt hearings, and related issues. Our firm has decades of experience in prosecuting and defending such motions. We are knowledgeable on the statutes and case law that affects the type of evidence you need to present, and we know the procedures most applicable to your situation.  If you are faced with problems regarding enforcement of child support, turn to Edward F. Whipps & Associates to help you.

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