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When child custody or parenting time schedules are contested issues, the court has the ability to order two different types of psychological evaluations. The first is called a “Custodial Evaluation.” This appoints an expert psychologist to render an opinion regarding the best custodial and parenting time arrangement for that particular child and family.  The second kind of psychological evaluation examines the mental health of the parties involved but does not render an opinion about custody or visitation.

Most attorneys and judges are not educated in psychology or in child development.  However, these issues can become the central focus of many custody cases. It is therefore essential to find an attorney who has the ability to recognize and understand these factors and who is able to properly present them to the court. To do so, it is important to consider the use of a psychological evaluation performed by an expert. The services of a forensic psychologist can be utilized to provide the court with an impartial evaluation of both the parents and their children. Where such services would be beneficial, it is important to have an attorney who is experienced in requesting an order from the court for such an evaluation, has good working relationships with such experts, and who understands the standards required for such evaluations.    


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With over 30 years of experience in the field of family law, our attorneys recognize the potential that personality disorders or other psychological disorders may be present. We also recognize the importance of emotional and social developmental factors and the importance of assessing the physical and cognitive abilities of children. The attorneys at Edward F. Whipps & Associates have extensive experience working with forensic psychologists and utilizing psychological evaluations to help transition you and your family to an emotionally healthy, happy, and positive future. 

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