Obtaining Competent Business Valuations

When a family business, closely held business, or professional practice must be valued and in some way divided, it is extremely important that the division be equitable and worked out in a way that will not hurt the business operations. Where one or both spouses are active in the business, it is important not to disrupt success by inappropriate changes in the involvement of any individual. At the same time, if one party is to retain the business or professional practice, it is essential to find a way to deal with the asset and its impact to the overall marital estate.  It is also necessary to have a full understanding of the difference between marital and separate property

 To adequately protect business assets, it is essential that you work with experienced attorneys. At Edward F. Whipps & Associates, you will find sophisticated legal counsel that can protect your interests in complex matters of property division. For decades, our skilled family law firm has helped clients evaluate and analyze the best strategies to fairly divide business and professional practices.

 We work with a network of expert accountants, financial analysts, and business valuation experts who can correctly assess the value of a company or practice and assist in developing strategies that both protect the business and fairly divide the marital interests. A careful review and analysis of the business records helps create an in-depth portrait of the business.  We also have experience in handling such matters where the other party or attorney fails to cooperate in providing the necessary records.

During your initial consultation, we will welcome your ideas on what kind of resolution will best meet your needs. We will also be able to provide you with a number of ideas and strategies that you may not have considered.  Throughout the process, we are never far from your next question or concern. Our goal is to be sure that when our work is complete, you will know that your rights have been protected.

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