Termination of Spousal Support

In most cases, spousal support orders contain provisions for the support obligation to end upon the death of either party, the marriage of the payee (spouse receiving support), or the payee’s cohabitation with an unrelated adult.  It is important to know that, even where the Order indicates the support shall automatically terminate upon given occurrences, you may still need to take steps to assure the obligation is formally terminated.

If the court retained jurisdiction to make future modifications of spousal support, spousal support may also be terminated if there is a change of circumstances that make the continuation of any award of spousal support unreasonable or inappropriate.  Examples of a change in circumstances that may cause spousal support to terminate could include an involuntary loss of employment or a substantial increase in the wages of either party. If there have been changes that make the continuation of spousal support unreasonable and inappropriate, you will need to file a motion to terminate spousal support. 

If you wish to seek termination of a spousal support order or your ex-spouse is seeking to terminate spousal support, whether due to a substantial change in circumstance or cohabitation, you will want the assistance of an attorney whose knowledge and experience will help to assure your rights are fully protected. The attorneys at Edward F. Whipps & Associates have over 30 years of experience in handling spousal support cases.

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