Establishing Financial Responsibilities

Child Support Guidelines have been established in Ohio by the Ohio Supreme Court.  They are, therefore, required to be considered by every county in the state.  The guidelines are enacted for the benefit of all Ohio children – whether the children of married parents or of unmarried parents.

The child support guidelines are based upon the number of minor children of each party and the combined total incomes of the parents. The calculation applies each parent’s percentage of their combined total incomes in order to determine each parent’s base child support obligation. A number of important adjustments must be made before the final child support obligation is determined, such as the cost of childcare and healthcare premiums.

There are also special statutes that apply when a deviation upward or downward is sought. Where the parents have a combined total income exceeding $150,000.00, the court must address any special considerations for an upward deviation to ensure the guideline child support amount is sufficient and appropriate. On the other hand, a downward deviation may be appropriate depending on whether the parents are doing shared parenting or sole custody.  Other factors may also justify a downward deviation such as where one of the parents is paying extraordinary financial needs for another child.

Simply put, no two cases are alike. Although there is a basic computation that must be made, your attorney should look at all the factors to determine if that basic schedule is appropriate. In every case, the focus needs to be on the needs of the children, as well as the ability of the parents to provide the desired support. When you need an attorney who is experienced with establishing child support and the many factors that must be considered, Edward F. Whipps & Associates is a firm that has been helping families with children for over 30 years. 

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