Protecting Your Inheritance

The protection of one’s inheritance begins with understanding marital property v. separate property. While inherited property is generally the “separate property” of the spouse who has inherited it, a careful analysis of your inherited property and a plan to protect it from being unfairly awarded to a spouse at the time of a divorce or dissolution is essential.

If you have not yet gone through a marriage ceremony, it may be an excellent idea to consider a prenuptial agreement. Even after being married, you should seek sound advice on how to keep careful track of property you have inherited, so it can maintain its status as your “separate property.”

During a divorce proceeding, efforts to identify what portion of one’s inherited property is separate as compared to what portion is marital is often a complex and sometimes contentious and emotional process. The attorneys at Edward F. Whipps & Associates have decades of experience in helping clients protect their inheritance. Even without a prenuptial agreement or with some doubts about your ability to adequately establish your inherited funds as your separate property, you will benefit greatly from the sage and competent counsel of our lawyers. 

We invite you to let us assist you in finding strategies to protect your inheritance. To arrange for an initial consultation at a mutually convenient time, you may reach us by calling our office at (614) 461-6006 or filling out this online contact form.



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