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Compared to a not too distant past, very important changes have taken place in our culture and in our society. The percentage of families in which children grow up with both parents in their home has greatly decreased. The number of children who grow up without married parents has significantly increased. There clearly is an increase in the number of children who find themselves being raised by grandparents, older siblings, or other relatives. There has also been a very significant increase in the awareness and the acceptance of same sex couples who often are raising children.

Some states (not yet including Ohio) have formalized authorization for gay or lesbian couples to be married. One federal court decision in Ohio mandates that Ohio give full recognition to marriages that took place in other states. Future appellate decisions and potential future legislative measures will continue to effect the legal situations of many people. These changes may result in Ohio joining other states in recognizing and authorizing gay and lesbian marriages.

Under Ohio law, some specific statutes and case law already apply to Unmarried Parents, Gay and Lesbian Couples, and assisted reproduction. This is a dynamic and sometimes complicated area of the law and one that is rapidly developing and changing. When you and your unique family are facing issues of custody, parentage, or support you will need an attorney with the empathetic awareness of your specific situation and the skills, experience, and education needed to effectively represent your best interest.

At Edward F. Whipps & Associates we fully recognize that not all families look the same and great relationships between individuals and with their children can take many forms. We strive to stay well versed in the legal landscape of all aspect of representing clients in non-traditional families. Whatever your situation may entail, at Edward F. Whipps & Associates, everyone matters, and children matter most. Our attorneys and staff will help you successfully transition to a bright and secure future.

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