Effective Negotiations

Family law cases are often emotional and stressful.  The litigation process may serve only to add to the stress that the parties experience and can involve increasing expense for them to endure.  Anxiety and worry can often be reduced if you have an attorney who can effectively negotiate on your behalf, thereby helping to resolve your case with minimal stress and cost.

To be successful at negotiating your family law case, you must first understand your goals and priorities.  In doing so, it can be quite beneficial to have the assistance of an attorney who fully understands the applicable law and can effectively explain to you how it may affect your position.  With the confidence of one who understands the likely outcome in the event of trial, you will have the advantage of being able to set well-reasoned goals and objectives. 

To be an effective negotiator, your attorney must also carefully study and understand your spouse’s goals and priorities.

There is no substitute for an attorney with over thirty years of experience
 in finding the unique solutions you want through effective negotiations.

Often, issues such as personality disorders, substance abuse and dependence, or other psychological disorders can make negotiations difficult.  Sometimes such issues prevent the success of negotiations.  Having an attorney with a strong background in psychology and extensive experience dealing with psychological issues can often lead to successful negotiations even where failure may have appeared to be inevitable.

At Edward F. Whipps & Associates we have a proven track record of successfully negotiating on behalf of our clients.   Our understanding of how psychological and other special issues can affect parties allows us to approach negotiations in unique ways.  You can trust that we will negotiate the best possible solution for you and your family. 

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