I like Ed's background in psychology. He is able to connect with people. I have interviewed quite a few attorneys and none of them did what Ed could, not even close. It takes a lot of coordination / negotiation to make the other party agree on what we wanted to achieve.

- Tina

I scheduled my initial consultation with Ed after using another attorney from a different law firm in an unsuccessful attempt to obtain a dissolution. That had left me feeling confused, anxious, and helpless. When I first sat down with Ed, I felt a sense of relief. Ed listened and shared pertinent information that immediately put me at ease. His knowledge and experience was evident. I left his office feeling a sense of confidence.

- Erik Shuey

Ed was very professional and concise. He was able to give insight on my desired outcome of the case. Many other law firms took messages and drilled me over the phone with ‘screening questions.’ Ed was cordial with a no pressure approach.

- E. D.

I knew within the first few minutes of meeting with Mr. Whipps that I had made the right choice. He was genuinely concerned about my child’s welfare. He kept me informed with minute details of what was happening. The best interest of the child and what the child’s wishes were was always top priority with him.

- Paula

Ed never missed a beat and kept everything on track and on point with the judge. His mastery of the courtroom and ability to have the judges see his points as the correct ones always made me feel at ease.

- Bill Lineberry

It took years and was costly. In the end, it was worth every penny that was spent. The firm is truly caring and you are not just another case. They treat you like family.

- C.C.

The services of Edward F. Whipps & Associates were truly client-oriented. They have excellent communication with clients and a willingness to delve into every aspect of the case. They also have an excellent reputation with peers and are highly respected in the courtroom.

- Anonymous

Mr. Whipps gave me the strength to stand up for what I believe in. Had I not had Mr. Whipps I would have given into the mental bullying of my ex. I had the fortitude to stay strong and this allowed me to keep my house where my son and I can continue to live.

- Tara Hall

Mr. Whipps’ understanding of psychology played a big role in the handling of my case. He was able to direct the attention of the judicial system to the existence of psychological dysfunction in the opposing party. The court needed to be convinced about the contribution of the opposing party’s psychopathology, especially the existence of a personality disorder which could compromise the safety of the minor children. It needed to be exposed.

- Dr. R. H.

The outcome of my case greatly affected the life of my daughter. She gets to see both her parents an equal amount of time. She is not exposed to silence, resentment, arguing, or any negative aspects of an unhealthy relationship. She gets to still live in the same house where she was born, sleep in the same bedroom, and play with the same neighborhood children. The quality of her life increased exponentially due to the outcome of my case.

- Erik Shuey



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