Ed impressed me in our first meeting. Good people skills, well thought out actions based on my situation and above all, rationales and mental support. He seemed to be interested in the personal part of my stories and how he could help.

I am from out of state and I was desperately looking for a team that I could trust and delegate my case to. I retained Edward F. Whipps & Associates because of their experience and good plans for my case. They were ideal and made the process so easy What impressed me the most is the team remembers every detail of my case as if they are only dealing with my case exclusively.

I like Ed’s background in psychology. He is able to connect with people. I have interviewed quite a few attorneys and none of them did what Ed could, not even close. It takes a lot of coordination/negotiation to make the other party agree on what we wanted to achieve.

It was not only Ed himself doing a great job, but also his team members. They work together like a family. I wonder how they did it. Ed’s team is creative and flexible as well as really experienced and professional. It is hard to imagine a better or more supportive service as I have received. Without them, I would not know what to do.

I am now able to move on with peace knowing that I have my fair share of parenting time. Ed’s team shielded a lot of the unnecessary drama from my life and the entire process was as easy as it could be. It helped me a lot to recover from my divorce trauma and I do thank them from the bottom of my heart!!

- Tina



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