Trial Preparation and Experience.

If An Amicable Settlement is Not Possible – Trial Preparation and Experience

The goal of the attorneys at Edward F. Whipps & Associates is to seek an amicable, fair, and just resolution of all family law matters. However, significant road blocks may frustrate this goal. Sometimes, personality disorders or other psychological disorders prevent a fair and equitable settlement or may compromise the essential needs and safety of the children. Numerous other factors can also make settlement impossible.  When settlement is not a reality, it is important that your attorney recognize and explain the situation to you and then avoid unnecessary procedures that exhaust time and money.  You deserve to be kept well informed of the steps being taken on your behalf and of the strategy being pursued to reach your goals.

Trial preparation is extremely important. Frequently, we find that even in highly contested cases, some attorneys fail to prepare properly.  Diligence is required to obtain all of the relevant evidence and to carefully prepare you and your witnesses. Only thorough preparation will provide you with the protection you and your children deserve and need.

The attorneys at Edward F. Whipps & Associates have decades of experience in trial preparation. We know how to maximize your potential for a desirable result by presenting the evidence in a compelling way. Our attorneys enjoy an excellent reputation among judges, fellow attorneys, clients, and throughout the community.

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