Continuing Child Support for Disabled Adult Children

A parent’s obligation to provide support for a child generally ends when the child has reached their 18th birthday and has graduated from high school or, if the child is still attending high school, when the child has reached their 19th birthday. However, children with disabilities are often an exception to this rule.

Under Ohio law the legal obligation of support may continue past the normal termination date if the child’s mental or physical disability prevents the child from supporting or maintaining himself or herself. Several factors must be addressed to determine if this exception applies to your child. If you find that your child fits within this category, it is imperative you find an attorney who understands these factors and has experience presenting them persuasively to the Court. 

At Edward F. Whipps & Associates, children matter most.  We have vast experience protecting children’s ongoing right to child support and will work to assure your child’s rights are protected.  If you have a child that is disabled and may need support even after they reach the age of majority, turn to Edward F. Whipps & Associates to provide the compassionate and strong counsel that you will need to protect your child.

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