Divorce After Long Term Marriage

Ending a long term marriage can be quite difficult, especially due to the heightened mental stress of facing a divorce after over 20 years of marriage.  Having an attorney who is considerate of the emotional consequences can help you focus on ending your marriage in a manner that best supports your future goals. Special consideration must be given to the increased financial entwinement, potential for indefinite spousal support, and issues concerning retirement and pension funds as well as often impending retirement from employment. 

 Over the years of a marriage, parties inevitably become financially enmeshed. This is especially true in a long term marriage. It is therefore important that when considering termination of your long term marriage you seek counsel who can help you in understanding the distinction between marital and separate property and finding beneficial ways to equitably divide finances. 

Long term marriages often involve parties approaching or having already reached an age of retirement. This raises unique concerns regarding protecting retirement benefits. It also requires consideration of spousal support issues and determining the appropriateness of an indefinite spousal support order. It is important you are represented by an attorney who understands what constitutes a long term marriage and what factors must be considered to determine the appropriateness of indefinite spousal support.

 At Edward F. Whipps & Associates we understand the implications of a long term marriage. Let us help you maneuver through this emotional time to allow you to move on with your future with confidence that your legal rights are protected. To discuss your rights contact us to obtain an initial consultation at a mutually convenient time by calling our office at (614) 461-6006 or filling out this online contact form.



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