Relocation Issues

Whenever one parent is considering a move serious questions may arise as to the best interest of the children.  Whether shared parenting or sole custody is best becomes a very important issue.   What parenting time strategies will best serve the children is always a major focus of the court’s concern. 

There are many important questions in the analysis of relocation issues. It is, therefore, very important to fully understand the reasons for the relocation and the impact it may have on your children’s best interest.  Important topics to consider include:

  • What school district will best serve the children?
  • Will the parenting time schedule need to be changed?
  • Will the custody arrangements need to be modified?
  • Will the change require modification of the child support order?
  • Will psychological evaluations be needed?


When relocation becomes an issue for you or your children 
you need an attorney who is experienced in handling such matters


If a parent attempts to move with their children without the approval of the other parent, a restraining order preventing such a relocation may be needed.   

If you or the other parent is contemplating a move or have already relocated, Edward F. Whipps & Associates is here to help.  With over thirty years of experience and a strong background in psychology, they are uniquely qualified to help families faced with relocation issues. They will help you analyze the situation and pursue solutions to facilitate the transition   for you and your family.

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