Utilizing a Private Judge

In some divorce or dissolution actions, it may be preferable to avoid the public setting of the court house. This may be due to privacy, convenience, or other considerations. In such circumstances, it is possible to utilize the services of a private judge. The hearing may be held at the attorney’s office or some other non-public setting.

 The parties have the right to use a private judge of the parties’ choice.  This is quite common when the parties have been able to resolve matters, either through dissolution or through agreement for an uncontested divorce.  This allows the parties to schedule the hearing at a mutually convenient time and location.

 Even in contested proceedings, parties and their attorneys sometimes seek to use a private judge to resolve issues.   The private judge will hear the evidence and issue a decision as to all of the issues not resolved by agreement of the parties.  This enables the parties to keep all of the proceedings private.  

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