Deviations From Child Support

Deviations from guideline child support can be applied either upward or downward. When considering whether deviation is appropriate, there are specific Ohio laws that should be considered by your attorney so that your best case can be presented to the Court.  For example, when considering a downward deviation from the guideline child support figure, it would be important for the court to know whether your child has any special physical or emotional needs or whether there are any extraordinary costs associated with parenting time (e.g., significant travel expenses). When considering an upward deviation, the Court will want to know the needs and standard of living of the child and of the child’s parents. 

Ohio child support guidelines are just that – guidelines.  There are many factors that can give rise to deviating from the guideline calculations and every case should be examined on its own facts.  The focus is on the specific needs of the child and upon the ability of the parents to provide support.  

When your family is faced with issues related to child support, it is important to obtain the services of attorneys familiar with Ohio’s child support guidelines and with the factors that impact the calculations.  At Edward F. Whipps & Associates, we have over 30 years of experience in helping families deal with the issues related to child support. 

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