Psychology and Divorce

Better Understanding of Psychological Factors

In every divorce case, understanding the psychological factors that are at play is an essential element in formulating strategy. When one of the parties has a personality disorder or other psychological disorder, the very process of handling the case will have to be altered, regardless of whether children are involved. The usual assumptions and logical analysis of any given situation may need to be adjusted. Where one of the parties is not capable of rational thought or behavior, simply presenting logical arguments can be a waste of the client’s time and money, and often increases frustration. Strategies should, therefore, always take into account the psychological barriers present in the parties involved.

In some cases, the children’s psychological needs may require particular consideration. This may change the overall approach to the case and/or dictate the inclusion of special provisions in parenting orders.

The divorce attorneys at Edward F. Whipps & Associates have the background and understanding to handle cases involving psychological issues. Mr. Whipps served for over ten years as a member of the Ohio State Board of Psychology, including a term as President. In that capacity, he became familiar with many psychologists and other mental health professionals throughout Ohio. He worked to understand their profession and to deal with the many ethical and other professional standards at play in their clinical practices

Mr. Whipps also spent eight years as a member of the Upper Arlington Board of Education including a term as the President of that Board. Understanding children and their developmental needs has always been important to him. The attorneys in his firm have studied psychological disorders and child development issues and have experience handling cases where psychological issues are at play.

When you or a member of your family face a situation where psychological issues are important, turn to Edward F. Whipps & Associates – a firm with a Better Understanding of Psychological Factors.


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