Choosing Your Adoption Lawyer: 5 Things to Consider

September 21, 2017

Before hiring your Dublin, Ohio, adoption lawyer, you must get the fullest possible answers to each of the following five questions. Move on to another family law attorney when you hear unsatisfactory or incomplete responses. Never forget that your adoption lawyer works for you and your family. You deserve the best advice and representation while navigating the adoption process.


My Employer Won’t Pay My Medical Bills

August 6, 2017

Employers in Ohio are not required to pay the medical bills of employees who get injured on the job or who become sick because they get exposed to harmful substances while working. Pretty much every company, nonprofit group, and agency is, however, required to participate in the state’s workers’ compensation program.

What Happens During a Divorce Trial

What Happens During a Divorce Trial?

December 30, 2016

Real-life Columbus divorce trials bear little resemblance to courtroom proceedings shown in movies and television series. For one thing, as with most family law hearings in Ohio, no jury decides the case. Only a judge rules on the matters raised by the plaintiff — the man or woman who filed for divorce — and the defendant.

Another significant difference is that months of divorce trial preparation eliminate the types of dramatic surprises that highlight most Hollywood depictions of legal proceedings. Several rounds of making and taking depositions, commissioning reports from expert witnesses, and negotiating or engaging in mediation with the intent of never actually appearing in divorce court precede any date with a judge to secure a final decision.

What to Expect in a Paternity Case

What to Expect in a Paternity Case

December 20, 2016

What to expect in an Ohio paternity case depends on who you are. The mother and purported father will enter into the process for different reasons and go through different experiences. An adult child between the ages of 18 and 23 can also become a litigant.

Speaking with a Columbus, Ohio, family law attorney before requesting or submitting to a paternity test will help you understand exactly what you will need to do. The lawyer you consult could also be hired to protect your rights and represent your interests when the case proceeds to a hearing before a judge. Here, the paternity attorneys with Edward F. Whipps & Associates will just outline the reasons a woman, man, or older child might initiate a paternity case and what Ohio law requires.


Ohio Laws on Child Relocation

December 14, 2016

Ohio’s laws on child relocation primarily come into play when a divorced spouse who has full-time custody decides to move. Parents who never marry may also find it necessary to comply with relocation laws because court orders regarding custody and parenting time come with a requirement to file notification of intent to relocate with the court that issued the orders. For instance, a parent who secured a divorce in Dublin, OH, must file the relocation notice with the Franklin County Court. These requirements exist in order to ensure that the noncustodial parent can enforce his or her parental rights, and also to ensure that the custodial parent will continue receiving support payments that must be redirected to a new address.

Military Divorce Procedures in Ohio

Military Divorce Procedures in Ohio

December 5, 2016

All divorces granted in Ohio proceed according to the laws and procedures of the state. While couples in which one or both partners serve in the military will face unique challenges to securing their most preferred outcomes, the actual steps each person must take to have their marriage terminated in Ohio do not differ from those that all other Ohioans must take.

spousal support termination in columbus ohio

Why Was My Spousal Support Terminated?

October 19, 2016

You have several legal options for enforcing your spousal support order when checks or direct deposits stop coming. Ohio family courts do not automatically side with the recipient of spousal support payments, however. The person referred to in court documents as the obligor can legally get out his or her obligation to financially support their ex-partner for many reasons. 

substance abuse attorneys Columbus

Steps to Take When Divorcing Someone Who Struggles With Substance Abuse

October 10, 2016

A spouse’s struggles with drugs or alcohol affects the whole family negatively. Advanced addiction can lead to unemployment, emotional instability, and physical abuse. Health problems related to alcoholism and drug abuse can also place financial hardships on a family and leave children without a parent capable of fulfilling basic duties like driving, cooking, and cleaning. 

high net worth divorce lawyers Columbus Ohio

The Top 5 Mistakes Made in High Net Worth Divorces

October 7, 2016

The division of property complicates many Ohio divorce cases. This is particularly true when a couple has accumulated a high net worth over the course of their marriage, or when one or both people entered the union while possessing substantial assets. The mordant lament “More money, more problems” applies in part, but the difficulties often arise from errors committed by one or both partners. 


How to Collect on Back Child Support

September 29, 2016

Missed child support payments add up quickly, meaning the girl or boy whom the money is supposed to aid suffers increasingly. Outgrown and torn clothing does not get replaced, meals go unserved, and needs ranging from education, health care, and housing go underserved or unmet altogether. 




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