Choosing Your Adoption Lawyer: 5 Things to Consider

September 21, 2017

Before hiring your Dublin, Ohio, adoption lawyer, you must get the fullest possible answers to each of the following five questions. Move on to another family law attorney when you hear unsatisfactory or incomplete responses. Never forget that your adoption lawyer works for you and your family. You deserve the best advice and representation while navigating the adoption process.

What Types of Adoptions Does the Attorney Handle?

Ohio family law recognizes many types of adoption. Adopting a child you are not related to differs from adopting an adult relative. Completing the proper paperwork while meeting both the home visit and financial review requirements for each form of adoption can be difficult for anyone who has not been through the exact procedure.


How Experienced Is the Adoption Lawyer?

Each adoption case presents unique challenges. Going through the process once does not fully prepare an adoption lawyer to recognize and overcome many potential roadblocks and pitfalls. In addition to asking whether a family law attorney has helped someone else complete an adoption of the kind you are seeking, ask for details about what problems he or she has solved for a range of clients in situations like yours.


Does the Lawyer Come Highly Recommended?

Read and watch as many online testimonials from former adoption clients as you can. Also ask if you can contact other adoptive parents or caregivers with whom the lawyer has worked to gain insights into what they liked about the legal services and information they received.


What Will the Lawyer Charge?

Cost is always a concern when hiring an attorney. Specific questions to ask before signing any papers regarding legal representation include

  • Will you charge a flat fee or charge by the hour?
  • If you quote me a flat fee now, will you charge me later for additional time or special services?
  • If you quote me an hourly rate, what amount of time counts as an hour of work on my case? Does answering phone calls and emails count as casework?
  • Do you require partial or full payment up front?
  • Do you accept credit card payments?
  • Do you offer payment plans? If so, what are the options?


Have You Checked Out Other Adoption Lawyers?

Reemphasizing the point made above, never hire any attorney you do not trust completely to answer all your questions, take your calls, be honest about your legal options and possible outcomes, and work hard only in your interest for as long as necessary. The Dublin, OH, adoption lawyers with Edward F. Whipps and Associates welcome opportunities to prove this kind of dedication to clients. To schedule a consultation, call us at (614) 461-4006 or connect with us online.




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