The Difference Between an Annulment and a Divorce in Ohio

Annulment and a Divorce in Ohio

The Difference Between an Annulment and a Divorce in Ohio

February 26, 2015

A divorce is a court agreement that a marriage is legally over. The court will only enter a judgment of divorce if it finds that certain grounds for divorce exist. “No-fault” grounds for divorce include incompatibility or living separate and apart for a year. “Fault” grounds for divorce include bigamy, adultery, willful absence for one year, gross neglect of duty, etc. Divorce is not the only way to end a marriage in Ohio, however. You can also terminate a marriage through annulment.

High Net Worth Divorce in Ohio

Tips for Preparing for a High Net Worth Divorce in Ohio

February 24, 2015

Divorce is often a delicate and painful issue for all involved. If one or both parties in a divorce have a high net worth, dividing the marital estate can be even more complicated. It’s not uncommon for high net worth individuals to feel overwhelmed during the divorce process because there is so much at stake and emotions are running high.

High net worth divorce cases require more expertise than typical divorce cases because there may be an ownership interest in a business, an extensive investment portfolio, inheritances, or other complications. High net worth divorce attorneys must work closely with accountants, actuaries, business appraisers, and real estate appraisers to assess your case and provide an objective analysis.

Messy Bitter Divorce Ohio

How to Avoid a Messy, Bitter Divorce

February 3, 2015

Whether married for 1 year or 20, divorce can be both emotionally taxing and physically draining.  Many couples say the hardest part of the divorce is parting with someone they thought was a best friend, and often become bitter and angry with a former spouse.  If you properly prepare for divorce with a family law and divorce attorney, you can often avoid some situations that lead to bitter and messy divorces.   Take a look at a few tips to keep a divorce or legal separation from turning into a bitter battle. 

  1. Communication

  While one of the main causes for divorce is a lack of communication and many have learned to expect the silent treatment from their soon to be ex-spouse, communication is still important during the divorce process.  This is especially true if there are children involved, and they can often feel unloved or ignored during the process.  As long as you and your spouse maintain communication with your child, you have one less thing to fight about and can move on with the help of a divorce attorney. 




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