Length of Marriage

Unlike child support, there is no specific guideline calculation of spousal support.  Rather, the law identifies several factors the court is to consider in determining the appropriateness of spousal support.  One of the most important factors considered by the court is the length of the marriage. 

There is no specific law defining the length of a marriage required to permit one to seek spousal support.  Likewise, there is no specific law regarding the length of marriage necessary to allow permanent spousal support.  Though it is a generally accepted standard that the longer the marriage the longer the support order, several factors can affect this and the courts have wide discretion.  Given such, knowing the prior decisions of a given judge can be extremely helpful.  It is, therefore, very important that you are represented by an attorney who not only has the experience and knowledge necessary to properly represent you, but is also familiar with the past findings of local judges. 

If you face a situation in which spousal support will be an issue, you will want to retain an attorney with extensive experience in weighing and ultimately applying the factors that must be considered.  The attorney must be continually aware of changes in statutory or case law affecting issues of spousal support. 

At Edward F. Whipps & Associates we have decades of extensive experience in dealing with spousal support issues and regularly engage in continuing legal education.  We make a point of reviewing past decisions to familiarize ourselves with spousal support trends.  You can trust Edward F. Whipps & Associates to best present your specific situation to the court to obtain the best results for you.

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