Experience Handling High Asset Cases

Effectively representing clients with substantial net worth requires an attorney with significant experience in such matters. Our firm has over 30 years of experience and is especially well equipped to meet your needs.

In these matters, an attorney must not only have extensive experience, but also needs to have an understanding of the distinction between marital and separate property. Furthermore, your attorney will likely need to utilize the expertise of other professionals in various fields such as forensic accountants, actuaries, business appraisers, and real estate appraisers. These experts will ensure your attorney obtains competent business valuations, fully protects your retirement benefits, and safeguards your inheritance. Depending on the facts in your case, an expert may also help you uncover hidden assets and marital fraud.

Emotions can often run high in divorces. In such situations, a background in psychology including a good understanding of personality disorders and other psychological disorders could be critical to handling the case competently.

Concerns of protecting your privacy and confidentiality add another layer of complication. For many, it is essential to protect against financial predators and to keep control of private matters. Finally, tax planning issues and an ability to use the tax code or call on professionals with that competency is essential to obtaining the best outcome.

The attorneys at Edward F. Whipps & Associates are well equipped with extensive experience and a full understanding of the many nuances involved in high net worth cases. Our unique understanding of psychology and its role in these areas can have a meaningful impact on the outcome. When you or someone you love needs an attorney with the experience and aptitude to handle a high net worth case, call Edward F. Whipps & Associates. 

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