Second Opinions

Is There A Better Way?

During the course of a family law matter, many people become frustrated or concerned with their attorney’s actions or non-actions. Sometimes they do not feel like they are receiving the necessary attention they deserve. Other times, the case may feel stagnant as weeks or even months go by with no apparent resolution. Openly discussing your concerns with your attorney is almost always your best first step. Sometimes, however, doubts and fears remain.

In these situations – when people are engaged in a significant family law matter like divorce, child custody or child support disputes – it is not uncommon for them to seek a second opinion about their lawyer’s actions.

Seeking a second opinion is not just accepted;
It is often the wise thing to do.


At the law firm of Edward F. Whipps & Associates, we have an in-depth perspective on family law matters that your current lawyer may not have. We handle family law matters exclusively and we take an approach to family law that is unique – using principles of psychology to place the best interests of our clients and their children first.

If you choose to seek a second opinion from us, our experienced attorneys will offer confidential, in-depth consultations about the family law matters that are affecting you. We can help you gain a greater understanding of the law on matters like divorce or dissolution, spousal support, custody and visitation, child support, and the ways in which psychology and divorce are often interrelated. In short, we can put your lawyer’s actions into perspective.

You have a right to a second opinion.
You have a right to Peace of Mind.

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