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Ranked among the best divorce and dissolution attorneys in Columbus, Ohio, and with an additional office in Dublin, the family law attorneys with Edward F. Whipps & Associates have helped thousands of men and women resolve issues related to the division of property, child custody, child support, child visitation and parenting time, and spousal support. Our Columbus and Dublin divorce lawyers can also help with grandparents’ rights, and we dedicate ourselves to protecting our clients’ privacy to the fullest extent of the law.


Negotiated Divorce Settlements

Ohio law allows couples to end a marriage by divorce or dissolution. The dissolution process can result in an uncontested divorce or a negotiated settlement. Working with a divorce and dissolution lawyer in Dublin or Columbus can make dissolving a marriage easier. The attorney will ensure that both parties fully disclose their earnings and financial assets, completely state their interests and desired outcomes, and engage in negotiations in an honest and open fashion.


Why You need Dissolution Divorce Attorney in Columbus, Ohio

One key reason to hire a Columbus or Dublin divorce & dissolution attorney to represent you during marriage dissolution negotiations is that every dispute must be settled amicably — or at least beyond further challenge — before the agreement can be submitted to a divorce court judge for approval. Having a legal ally who will identify all points of potential conflict, work constructively to clear up any misunderstandings, and offer sound advice without forcing an unacceptable decision is essential to seeing the negotiation process all the way through to a conclusion.

A Columbus, Ohio, dissolution attorney will also put the final agreed-upon terms for dissolving the marriage in a written Separation Agreement that a judge will accept. Getting the language right for both the ex-spouses and the court is essential to making the agreement legally valid and enforceable.

We work with clients to conclude dissolution because they represent the simplest, quickest, and most-respectful way to end a marriage. Filing for a dissolution also usually costs less in terms of time and money.


Divorce Trials, Mediations, and Arbitrations

When differences of opinion over whether and how a marriage should end cannot be negotiated, going to trial can seem like the only option. Sometimes, a lengthy and expensive legal fight is required, but several alternative dispute resolution processes are available.

As Ohio divorce attorneys in Columbus and Dublin, the legal team at Edward F. Whipps & Associates welcome opportunities to assist clients with mediations and arbitrations. We also offer second opinions to men and women who want to know if the options they have been presented in divorce or dissolution proceedings that are being handled by other firms are truly the best they can expect.

When going to trial becomes necessary, no one does more to build and present the best case for his or her client than a divorce lawyer for Edward F. Whipps & Associates. We prepare our clients extensively for depositions and courtroom testimony, and we enlist the most well-respected financial, psychological, and behavioral experts.


Legal Separations

In Ohio, securing a legal separation requires resolving all the same issues related to division of property, child custody, child support, visitation and parenting time, and spousal support that are involved with a divorce or dissolution. The sole difference is that a legally separated couple remains legally married, which facilitates co-parenting, the continuance of insurance and retirement plan participation, and shared ownership of a business. Securing a legal separation with the help of a divorce attorney in Columbus or Dublin can also ease the transition from married life for individuals who hold strong religious beliefs regarding the sanctity of marriage vows.

Converting a Decree of Legal Separation into an actual divorce is a straightforward process. Consulting with the Ohio divorce lawyer in Columbus or Dublin who secured the separation before trying to do this will make sense to ensure that all the correct forms are completed and filed with the proper officials.


Military Couples and Other Complex Cases

Some Ohio divorce attorneys in Columbus and Dublin consider certain case too complicated to handle. This is never true for the lawyers with Edward F. Whipps & Associates. We welcome opportunities to work on behalf of military spouses, to root out possible unfairness in divorce proceedings involving the division of highly valuable assets, and to find the best arrangements for children with special needs.

We also offer full advisory and legal services to partners in same-sex marriages. While federal law makes same-sex marriage legal in all states, some questions remain over how principles for dividing shared assets and paying spousal support apply to nonheterosexual marriages. Our Columbus and Dublin divorce lawyers fight for all our clients, making sure they receive the full protections of the law and have every opportunity to exercise their legal rights.

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Edward F. Whipps & Associates has guided men and women through the often-difficult, sometimes confusing process of legally ending a marriage for decades. With offices in Columbus and Dublin, our attorneys represent clients in divorce proceedings and in negotiations aimed at securing a marriage dissolution.

Our Columbus and Dublin divorce lawyers strive to achieve amicable agreements, and we can facilitate reconciliations when asked. We offer confidential consultations, and we welcome requests to offer second opinions.

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