I came to Ed feeling a great deal of frustration and emotional pain over what I felt were the underlying psychological influences of my spouse. Ed’s evident knowledge and experience, quick grasp of the parameters of my case along with his insight into the nuances of my situation and his empathetic recognition of my need for help gave me immediate hope. He understood the underlying issues of my case and had the knowledge, experience, demeanor, and determination to deal with them effectively. I felt comfortable.

Communication was always timely and through. Ed’s knowledge and expertise in the psychological field is a unique and positive asset that most other attorneys do not possess. His understanding of psychology played a key role in my case and was very much centered on that aspect. Ed was able to get the court to focus on the psychological state of my spouse and the related harmful consequences for my children. The final outcome came with that focal point as the basis.

Unlike my previous attorney, Ed had an empathy for my feelings and a true grasp of the underlying parameters. His unique qualifications, particularly his knowledge of psychological matters along with his skill in applying that knowledge to handling people and situations was very effective.

The outcome of my case, after a long road, was that I have a loving relationship with my children that was preserved and exists today – an important outcome and one that I cherish. My life might have taken a very downward spiral had it not been for Ed. My children might never have had the opportunity to see my side and my relationship with them would have had little chance to grow. Ed’s true understanding of my case and his guidance from both a legal aspect as well as for me on a personal level was life changing for me

- P.B.



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