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The end of a marriage is difficult for everyone, but a capable and understanding attorney can alleviate the burden on you and your family. Our experienced attorneys, with offices conveniently located in Columbus and Dublin within Franklin County, advocates for you to get through separation as smoothly and painlessly as possible. With extensive backgrounds in both psychology and Parenting right law, our marriage dissolution lawyers in central Ohio can help your family minimize any negative impact of marriage separation on your children. Our legal team works in a broad range of practice areas that include:

  • Uncontested divorce and dissolution
  • Custody and visitation
  • Psychology and divorce
  • Child support
  • Spousal support
  • Non-traditional families
  • Second opinions
  • Other important family law issues

Central Ohio Marriage Separation Attorneys

A seasoned law firm with over 30 years of experience, Edward F. Whipps and Associates successfully represents Central Ohio families like yours in all types of cases. With our background in psychology, we understand the unique circumstances of every individual and every marriage separation. We work with you to determine a personalized strategy based on your needs and priorities. If a child or children are involved in the divorce, our Franklin County  lawyers prioritize what is best for them in pursuing child custody or child support agreements.

Our lawyers team places the well-being of children above all else. We advocate for the best child custody agreement for the children, whether that is shared parenting or sole custody. We also consider the benefits of grandparent rights. By calling upon both our extensive experience in marital dissolution and the impact of psychological factors on a divorce case, we are better able to advocate for the children’s needs.

Ohio Annulment and Divorce Dissolution Attorneys

Our law firm finds the best process for you to end your marriage in dignity. If you and your separating spouse agree on issues like child custody and property division, we can guide you through an uncontested divorce. If you want to avoid litigation, we can represent you in a collaborative law process. We also offer other options including mediation and binding arbitration. As always, the needs of the children and your unique circumstances determine which method we employ to dissolve your marriage.

Mr. Whipps started practicing law in 1961. He founded Edward F. Whipps and Associates in 1992. With a background in psychology, he approaches divorce and family law with a unique perspective. Mr. Whipps is an active member of the Ohio and Columbus Bar community. When a client approaches Mr Whipps, Columbus Ohio divorce lawyer he makes sure to give them a comfortable environment in their very first visit to understand their needs.

At Edward F. Whipps and Associates, we live and work by the philosophy that everyone matters, and children matter most. A good family law firm depends upon experience, the prioritization of children, and an understanding of relevant psychological factors. Our lawyers offer all of that and more to our clients. Keep reading to learn more about our family law practice areas.

In Ohio, a marriage can legally end by one of two methods: divorce or dissolution. In a dissolution, both parties much agree on every aspect of their case. When both parties are unable to agree on all aspects of ending their marriage, such as property division or child custody, a divorce is necessary. Even with a divorce instead of a dissolution, mutually amicable solutions are possible.

At Edward F. Whipps and Associates, we prioritize the well-being of any children involved in a divorce case above all else. For divorcing parents, there are many potential child custody and parenting options available. Depending on the circumstances, shared custody and sole custody are both possibilities, as is grandparent visitation.

In every divorce case, understanding any potential psychological factors is an essential element to a legal strategy. If one of the parties has a psychological disorder, the case must be handled differently. Similarly, if any children involved have a psychological disorder, this will affect a custody agreement and parenting time strategy.

Child support is an important factor in prioritizing the well-being of any children involved in divorce. The factors regarding child support can be complicated. Throughout the years, circumstances can change, causing a need to modify a child support order.

Formerly known as alimony, spousal support is paid by one spouse to another. The factors affecting spousal support include: length of marriage, disparity of income, effect of cohabitation, and vocational evaluations.

Under Ohio law, certain statutes and case law already apply to unmarried parents, same-sex couples, and assisted reproduction. Laws regarding non-traditional families are complicated, but at Edward F. Whipps and Associates, we believe that everyone matters, and children matter most.

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