Military Divorce Procedures in Ohio

Posted Date:December 5, 2016 | Categories: Divorce and Dissolution

Military Divorce Procedures in Ohio

All divorces granted in Ohio proceed according to the laws and procedures of the state. While couples in which one or both partners serve in the military will face unique challenges to securing their most preferred outcomes, the actual steps each person must take to have their marriage terminated in Ohio do not differ from those that all other Ohioans must take.

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Steps to Take When Divorcing Someone Who Struggles With Substance Abuse

Posted Date:October 10, 2016 | Categories: Divorce and Dissolution

substance abuse attorneys Columbus

A spouse’s struggles with drugs or alcohol affects the whole family negatively. Advanced addiction can lead to unemployment, emotional instability, and physical abuse. Health problems related to alcoholism and drug abuse can also place financial hardships on a family and leave children without a parent capable of fulfilling basic duties like driving, cooking, and cleaning. 

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The Top 5 Mistakes Made in High Net Worth Divorces

Posted Date:October 7, 2016 | Categories: Divorce and Dissolution

high net worth divorce lawyers Columbus Ohio

The division of property complicates many Ohio divorce cases. This is particularly true when a couple has accumulated a high net worth over the course of their marriage, or when one or both people entered the union while possessing substantial assets. The mordant lament “More money, more problems” applies in part, but the difficulties often arise from errors committed by one or both partners. 

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How to Prepare Yourself for Your Divorce Trial

Posted Date:September 22, 2016 | Categories: Divorce and Dissolution

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Divorce proceedings do not have to end up in court. In fact, the Columbus, Ohio, divorce lawyers with Edward F. Whipps & Associations begin each case with the goal of having the spouses involved reach amicable settlements over the division of property, child custody, child support, parenting time, and spousal support. Facilitated negotiations, mediation sessions, and arbitration hearings, often in combination, offer welcome alternatives to a trial. 

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Uncovering Hidden Assets During a Divorce

Posted Date:September 16, 2016 | Categories: Divorce and Dissolution

Attorney for Hidden Assets, Columbus Ohio

Both spouses involved in a divorce have legal obligations and ethical duties to fully disclose their individual and shared financial assets. This information includes, but is not limited to, 

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How to Handle Divorcing Someone With a Psychological Disorder

Posted Date:September 14, 2016 | Categories: Divorce and Dissolution

psychology, divorce attorneys, Columbus Ohio

Divorce attorneys with the Columbus, Ohio, family law firm Edward F. Whipps & Associates have advanced education and training in psychology because we have seen over and over again that psychological disorders often lie at the heart of marital problems and difficulties with raising children. One of the best first steps a man or woman who believes their marriage cannot be saved because their partner is struggling with a mental illness or a personality disorder can take is to consult with a dedicated and caring divorce lawyer. Each case presents unique challenges for the spouses, sons, daughters, and other family members involved, but doing the following things also always makes sense. 

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Why You Should Pay for a Legal Consultation

Posted Date:September 12, 2016 | Categories: Divorce and Dissolution

family law

Family law cases always raise tough questions. If overcoming the emotions and resolving the issues raised by divorce, adoption, and child custody and parenting time were easy, the very field of family law would not even exist. 

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How Schizophrenia Can Affect Divorce Procedures

Posted Date:September 10, 2016 | Categories: Divorce and Dissolution

divorce, Dublin Ohio

Understanding how schizophrenia affects divorce procedures requires knowing both which grounds the State of Ohio recognizes as valid for seeking to end a marriage and how the disorder leads a mentally ill spouse to act. 

First, Ohio will grant a man or woman’s divorce petition when the person who files for divorce can produce evidence that their spouse has 

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5 Characteristics You Should Look for in a Divorce Attorney

Posted Date:September 7, 2016 | Categories: Divorce and Dissolution

Divorce attorneys Dublin, Ohio

You have many choices when you need to hire a divorce attorney in Columbus or Dublin, Ohio. Choosing wisely can make all the difference in achieving your best, preferred results in terms of property division, child custody, child visitation/parenting time, and child and/or spousal support. 

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Your Rights as a Nontraditional Family

Posted Date:August 26, 2016 | Categories: Divorce and Dissolution

nontraditional family divorce attorney in Dublin

Same-sex couples and unmarried parents have always existed, but such nontraditional couples have only recently been accorded many of the same legal rights and protections as married heterosexual couples. Statutory and case law continue evolving, however. This means that people in committed same-sex relationships and people who wish to co-parent children without getting married must take steps to ensure they do not lose out when matters related to divorce, child custody, and parenting time go to court. 

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