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When You Should Consider Binding Arbitration

Posted Date:August 8, 2016

Binding arbitration is one of the most commonly used forms of alternative dispute resolution. The process takes the place of a trial and ends ongoing negotiations over the matter decided by the arbitrator. For family law disputes, binding arbitration is available for deciding theĀ 

  • Award of spousal support/alimony
  • Amount of child support
  • Property division in divorce
  • Assignment of debt in divorce
  • Sharing of retirement and insurance benefitsĀ 

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Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution in Divorce Cases

Posted Date:September 23, 2014

Divorce can be expensive, time consuming, and emotionally draining. Traditionally, divorce disputes played out in the court. However, there are alternatives to traditional litigation that may be more appropriate for your situation. If you are looking or a Columbus, Ohio family lawyer, make sure he or she is knowledgeable about alternative dispute resolution. Continue reading

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