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The Different Types of Adoptions and Their Procedures

Posted Date:August 5, 2016

Family law statutes in Ohio recognize many kinds of child and adult adoption. Each petition to form a legally recognized parent-child or guardian-dependent relationship by a means other than birth involves unique facts. Some standard procedures exist, however. The family law attorneys with Edward F. Whipps outline the basic rules and considerations for the most-common types of adoption here. You can learn more and request assistance with your own adoption case by calling us at (614) 461-6006 or by filling out this online contact formContinue reading

How to Choose a Divorce Lawyer

Posted Date:August 3, 2016

Choosing the right Ohio divorce lawyer to advise and represent you makes going through the difficult process of ending your marriage easier and, potentially, more successful. You need to trust your attorney, and expense will be a concern. More than anything, you must feel confident that the individual you select to represent your best interests while also taking account of the safety, health, and security of your children will meet his or her professional obligations to do all those things. 

The legal team of family law attorneys with Edward F. Whipps & Associates have decades of combined experience helping both men and women in divorce cases, child custody disputes, and requests to modify agreements regarding spousal support and property division. Those cases have taught us much about how to work with all types of clients and solve tough problems while working within the strictures of civil and family law. They have also convinced us that no one lawyer or law firm can serve every person.  Continue reading

Is Divorce Always the Best Option?

Posted Date:July 31, 2016

When reconciling with your spouse no longer appears possible, you have several ways to end your marriage legally. Divorce is not always the best option. It may prove too final. Going through a lengthy, costly, and contentious legal process may not be necessary. You or your spouse may want to legally claim no marriage ever existed. 

Consulting with an experienced and caring Ohio divorce lawyer can help you weigh your options. Before you schedule an appointment, get a sense for which path you may want to follow by reading through these brief descriptions of the possible benefits of a legal separation, an uncontested divorce, a marriage dissolution, or an annulment.  Continue reading

How to be Approved for an Adoption in Ohio

Posted Date:July 28, 2016

Working with an experienced, knowledgeable, and caring Ohio family attorney while going through a legal adoption process always makes sense. Procedures, paperwork, and qualifications vary depending on which person wants to adopt and whether the potential adoptee is a grandchild, stepchild, foster child, orphan, foreign child, or person over the age of 18 who could benefit from the establishment of a legally recognized parent-child relationship. The overarching considerations will always be the benefit of the individual getting adopted and the ability of the person or people making the adoption to care for the adoptee.  Continue reading

Why You Should Hire a Family Law Attorney for Your High-Asset Divorce

Posted Date:May 21, 2016

Each divorce raises questions over the division property, the assignment of debts, the award of spousal support, and sharing retirement benefits. Reaching fair and mutually acceptable decisions regarding each of these matters becomes increasingly difficult as the shared assets and total financial worth of the divorcing couple rises. Rather than simply being an issue of more money, more problems, having significant assets complicates divorce because the marriage gives both spouses legitimate and disputable claims to ownership over the money, real estate, investments, and salable items like jewelry, cars, and houses.  Continue reading

Can Anyone Adopt?

Posted Date:May 10, 2016

Oho law gives pretty much every adult living in the state the right to apply for adopting a child. The right to request a legal adoption also extends to many adults who perceive advantages in creating a parental relationship with another adult. Exercising one’s right to seek an adoption, however, does not guarantee that a court will agree to declare a girl, boy, man, or woman the legally recognized dependent of the person who files for adoption.  Continue reading

Why Would a Couple Want a Legal Separation?

Posted Date:October 28, 2014

Under Ohio law, spouses wishing to divorce have multiple options available: divorce, dissolution, and legal separation.  It is important to consider the psychological ramifications of each option, and understand that finding the right family law attorney in Columbus, Ohio will help you find the match that is right for your situation.   Legal separation is the least drastic option, and many find that this solution will fit their needs. 

Legal separation is when the two spouses decide that it is best for them to live apart, but still remain married.  During this time, neither spouse can remarry.  It is important to commit the legal separation to writing so that the rights of each spouse are protected.  In addition to the protected rights, the legal separation serves as a trial period should the couple decide on divorce, and it protects financial interests of both parties.  Continue reading

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