5 Characteristics You Should Look for in a Divorce Attorney

September 7, 2016

Divorce attorneys Dublin, Ohio

You have many choices when you need to hire a divorce attorney in Columbus or Dublin, Ohio. Choosing wisely can make all the difference in achieving your best, preferred results in terms of property division, child custody, child visitation/parenting time, and child and/or spousal support. 

The legal team at Edward F. Whipps &Associates includes two of the premier divorce attorneys in Ohio. We also understand know our firm may not be the best option for every spouse looking to end a marriage. To help guide men and women in need of quality, compassionate advice and representation as they move toward making a new life, we are pleased to share the following tips on which characteristics to look for in a divorce lawyer. 

Experience Handling Divorce Cases 

Divorces often raise difficult and contentious legal issues. Simply knowing what the state statutes and local ordinances say will rarely suffice for protecting a client’s rights and interests. A divorcing spouse must have access to the deep knowledge of court rulings and legal strategies that a lawyer only gains by practicing for many years. When looking up divorce attorneys online, always take time to review the firm’s case results

Experience Working With All Kinds of Clients 

All divorce case clients can benefit from hiring a lawyer who has served husbands, wives, and people in same-sex couples as plaintiffs and defendants at different times. Just as handling a range of cases deepens a divorce attorney’s knowledge and perspective, so does working with a range of people facing different challenges. For instance, lessons learned while representing a husband can be used to advise a wife in a later case about what her spouse is likely to do. Similarly, taking a case in which same-sex spouses dispute child custody and support will prepare a lawyer to better help heterosexual parents. 

Access to a Network of Specialists and Experts 

Preparing and responding to filings in a divorce case, conducting negotiations, and preparing for trial require extensive research and analysis. An experienced and knowledgeable divorce attorney will be able to enlist the help of investigators, financial analysts, vocational experts, mental health professionals, counselors, and other lawyers on their client’s behalf. 

Empathy, Accessibility, Trustworthiness, and Dedication 

Never hire an Ohio divorce attorney without first meeting the lawyer in person. Also, never forget that your divorce lawyer works for you. It is your right—and something you owe yourself and your children—to only hire a legal representative who acts in your best interest at all times. 

Arrive at your first meeting ready to ask questions about the different types of divorce cases the lawyer has handled, the types of clients she or he has worked with, the innovative strategies the lawyer has employed, when how the lawyer works with investigators and experts, and what the lawyer thinks about your chances for achieving what you want from your own divorce. 

Use the meeting to gauge your potential divorce attorney’s knowledge, energy, interest, caring, and personality. Trust your first impressions and check out testimonials from former clients. Make sure you can trust and rely on your lawyer, and be willing to fire a legal representative who will not answer your calls and emails. 


Do not let an initial cost estimate discourage you from hiring the divorce attorney who offers the best services and best fit in terms of philosophy and personality. An empathetic and ethical family law practitioner will work with clients to set reasonable rates, be flexible on the issue of flat fees versus hourly billing, and to create affordable payment plans. 

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