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At Edward F. Whipps & Associates “Children Matter Most” is not merely a slogan, it is our guiding principle. Our attorneys know and understand the importance of shielding children – to the extent possible - from the difficulties and trauma that divorce, dissolution, and custody cases can cause in their young lives.

As a good parent you love your children and want the very best for them. As you go through the emotional upheaval of divorce, you have the added responsibility of also watching out for your children and considering the best solutions to help your family recover and move beyond the loss to a new, brighter future. In this situation, the assistance of a family law attorney who will listen to your concerns and help to craft a personalized solution for your individual situation is an invaluable resource to help you and your family. At Edward F. Whipps and Associates, we have the experience and the skill to bring to bear the resources you need to resolve custody issues with the best interests of the children as the foremost concern.

As parents endure the sadness and loss of the marriage, children too will experience and quite possibly act out their own grief and fear. Parents focus on trying to deal with their children’s problems, while managing their own issues. Naturally, this is very difficult for parents. But knowing you have the strong, reliable assistance of child custody attorneys will help you focus your attention on the needs of your children to give them what they need to come through this in the healthiest, best way possible.

Providing your children a stable, consistent environment in which to grow and learn is the goal of our work on your behalf in creating the custody arrangement. We are the Columbus family law attorneys who have the experience and expertise to analyze your specific situation and to weigh the pros and cons of shared parenting or sole custody.  While family law courts generally prefer to grant joint custody, multiple factors influence the final custody decision. There is no cookie-cutter approach to custody at E.F. Whipps & Associates.

By looking at your family’s individual circumstances, we will employ our vast experience and work to craft and advocate for the best parenting time arrangements that will be to the greatest advantage of your children, taking into account their specific needs. Children of different ages will need different parenting time strategies, and we will make recommendations accordingly.

We are experienced in dealing with psychological and personality disorders and how those issues will affect child custody decisions. We can assist, if necessary, in obtaining the appropriate psychological evaluations for the parents, children, or both that will help shape the custody arrangement with the best interests of the child as the foremost concern.

When parents are divorcing, it is a very difficult time for everyone involved, most of all for your children who are likely to feel at fault, vulnerable, fearful, and a host of other emotions.  Your children need parents who are attentive to their needs when working to create the custody arrangement, including such elements of where the children will live, who will make parenting decisions, a visitation schedule, how to make changes to the custody arrangement and the schedule for holidays, to mention a few. Hopefully, both parents will be able to agree to a custody agreement that will be in the best interests of the children. If parents cannot agree, however, the court will make the decision.

If you and your family are facing child custody, visitation and parenting time issues, you can rely on Edward F. Whipps & Associates to help you and your children through this process so you can all transition to a happy and positive future. This is truly a law firm where Children Matter Most.

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